Explorer Preview Pane for Excel 2013 crashes!

Recently my Excel crashed and hid itself so there are multiple copies of the same file opened and the old copy overwritten the new copy. Whenever I try to open a file from Explorer, the opened Excel file closes itself and hides in the background! WTF!


Turns out Microsoft’s turned the preview handler for Excel on by default, and whoever the f***ing guy who programmed this handler chose to do the simple minded thing by simply opening the file in a full Excel limited into the preview pane by the ActiveX control!

Damn. Have they even thought users would normally click on the file in Explorer, which the preview pane opens it in the background when the file is selected/highlighted, just to double click to open it in a full Excel to edit it?!!

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Namecheap SHARED HOST self-migration notes

Here’s the notes for moving from one namecheap hosting to another space yourself while keeping the same domain/settings.

Full backup on cPanel is a lie

A perfect full migration of shared host can only done by namecheap’s customer service. They told you in the doc that you can do a partial migration yourself but it’s not the full picture! Not only the self-service option is more tedious as you have to move the fragments instead processing one big archive file, there is a piece that’s not accessible from the self-service migration route: Calendars/Tasks/Contacts

This means if that ONLY IF you don’t use CardDAV/CalDAV at all, you can do the migration yourself.

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