Dualboot Linux and Windows Notes

Installation order

  • Install Windows first then Linux because Windows doesn’t recognize Grub while Grub recognize windows

NTFS performance

  • NTFS is slower in Ubuntu 20.04 as it’s using a kernel before 5.15 (used in Ubuntu 22.04) where they introduced Paragon’s ntfs3 kernel drivers. Worth considering using the development branch for performance.
  • If you are using Ubuntu 22.04, don’t bother with installing Paragon’s NTFS kernel-level driver. It’s already enabled. Paragon’s NTFS kernel-level driver installer will break in many ways in Ubuntu 22.04.

NTFS locked (read-only) in Linux

  • Windows locks the NTFS drives for other OS with a hibernation flag so other OS booted while Windows is hibernating can pick up the clue and not try to mess with the system state, which means most often it’ll mount the ‘hibernating’ NTFS partitions as read only.
  • Do not take the advice of doing sudo ntfsfix. The NTFS partitions are locked for a good reason.
  • Disable fast startup (in power settings) in Windows because it’s implicitly making shutdown half-hibernation.