Handmade Powerful 100W flashlight

I had an old LED COB light that the power conversion circuit failed, so I decide to gut it and turn it into a lantern / flashlight with a spare 6V sealed acid battery, using a simple DC-DC (boost) converter board.

The 6V lead acid battery eventually died so I converted the unit to accept 6V~12V from outside. The whole lanter was made from whatever leftovers/excess materials I have in my lab, including a PC fan I got for free after rebates years ago. The case is made out of the case for a roll of lint-free alcohol wipes.

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Tablet / Cell phone holder for Nissan Maxima 2001

While transferring to my new cell phone, I found a photo of my hack to create a 7″ tablet & 5.7″ cell phone holder for my Nissan Maxima 2001. It consisted of a tablet (or cell phone stand from eBay as pictured), two large binder clips and a pocket kleenex. Turns out you can use a packet of pocket Kleenex to extend the legs of the tablet/phone holder and have it snugly fit in the dummy space in the factory stereo bezel. The two binder clips was just to avoid the unit from sliding sideways. The trick is to use stick one hand of the binder clip to the gap at the sides of the front panel.


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