Excellent Android Free and Open Source Apps

Simple Mobile Tools has very nice replacement for basic features no matter you are using the apps that came with your phone’s stock ROM or LineageOS which has the minimum. It’s lightweight yet it does a little more than most default basic apps


  • Yet Another Call Blocker (it downloads a database to your phone instead of uploading the phone number to the server to do the check)


  • Brave (Can use sync chain that your data is not stored in other people’s cloud)
  • DuckDuckGo

Maps & Navitation

  • OsmAnd – Offline Mobile Maps and Navigation
  • Organic Maps – very neat map apps that shows the walking trails!

I do not recommend Navit for Android as it’s very slow and broken. GTK+ style GUI looks very odd on Android.




  • Rumble
  • Odysee (LRBY)
  • Youtube Vanced (Youtube app broke which keeps demanding me to update when it’s already the latest)
    You can change the comments behavior in Vanced settings

Social Media

  • Twidere: excellent Twitter/Mastodon client (Twitter’s official client is very resource intensive and sluggish.)