Windows 10 Python Smart Aleck

Windows 10 comes with a default alias that if you type python anywhere in terminal, powershell, run, etc, It will run a stub that points you to getting it in Windows Store. WTF man! I hate these stubs that are nothing but advertising! People will know there’s Python available in the store if Python Software Foundation’s website announces it. There’s no need to hijack the namespace with a useless stub!

After I install Spyder 5.3.0, it started with a Windows console instead of a Python Interpreter console, so when I typed Python (Spyder 5.3.0 came with Python 3.8.10 in its subfolder), this damn App store stub came up:

When I tried to force a .exe exceution in Powershell, I saw this:

So there’s a way to disable this bugger off!

It’s not the first time Spyder not working as intended out of the box, but Microsoft’s overzealous promotion of their ‘good ideas’ causes grief and agony to people who simply want things done.


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