Styles for (Lambda) anonymous function (named or unnamed) in Dart Language

Official Dart docs is sometimes too simple to provide ultimate answers for various language questions. I discoverd an alternative syntax for named lambda here and here. In Dart,

(args) => expr

is the shorthand for

(args) { 
  return expr 

So the Lambda-style (C++11) names variable by assigning it to a messy functor type (inferred with var in Dart and auto in C++11):

var f = (args) => expr

Which can also be rewritten using C-style function pointer-like declaration except

  1. the body expr is included (which is not allowed in C),
  2. return must be explicit in curly braces block.
  3. arrow notation => takes whatever the expr evaluates to (which can be null for statements like print)
  4. it’s simply the function name f in Dart instead of pointer (*f) in C
[optional return type] f(args) { 
  return expr;

which can be simplified with the arrow operator

[optional return type] f(args) => { expr }

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