Share with Catch! Fuck you Disc Soft Daemon Tools!

I just noticed there’s a new context menu item when I right click on my folders:

WTF is Catch!? After some Google search, it seems like it’s something that has to do with Daemon Tools. I do not recall installing such thing, went to Daemon Tools Lite’s settings, and found Catch! in there and it was enabled. I immediately disabled it:

NOT COOL Disc Soft! It’s not even free software. I paid for it. Here’s their serious offenses:

  • Pushing software features (enabling by default) without giving ample notice to users
  • The feature involves adding security risks such as opening ports and sharing files (ok if the users are aware of their presence)
  • Intruding user attention space by taking up a space in their file context menu.

And finally, the FUCKING uninformative name like “Catch!”. Who the fuck do you think you are Disc Soft! Nobody knows its your fucking product as part of Daemon Tools Lite if you silently sneak it in and the name shows up on the context menu! You think you are the Redmond demon who has abusive powers over their PAID customers! It’s almost handled like bloatware.

Even worse, the name “Catch!” is fucking generic that it’s hard to get specific result in web search. I’m writing the blog post so that if I came across that again, I don’t have to do the research all over again.

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Disc Soft Demon Tools: Evil Evil Evil

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