Agilent 54830 Infiniium Digital Oscilloscope Repair / Service / Upgrade 54830B, 54830D, 54831B, 54831M, 54831D, 54832B, 54832D

As time goes by, it seems like there’s quite a few small problems with the very well engineered 54830 series oscilloscope. These are all manageable (not core) problems and I believe I got the details down.

Models supported: 54830B, 54830D, 54831B, 54831M, 54831D, 54832B, 54832D
‘D’ means it’s a Mixed-Signal oscilloscope (comes with logic analyzer)
‘M’ is the military versions that’s exactly the same as ‘B’. The ‘M’ batch is for sure shipped with Windows 98.

I also support upgrading any Windows 98 based unit to Windows XP Pro.

I also have plenty of units and parts to get your problems fixed.

If it doesn’t power or boot, it might be a less severe problem than you think. Evaluation is always free.

Trade in for a guaranteed unit

Serviced units (Motherboard corrected, replaced mechanical HDD to SSD, replaced CD-ROM with DVD writer, comes with LS-120 drive, Windows XP Pro installed, 2 years repair/exchange* warranty):

  • 54831M[$2999]: 600Mhz, 4GS/s (one left)
  • 54832B [$3999]: 1GHz, 4GS/s (sold)
  • 54832D [$4499]: 1GHz, 4GS/s (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with Logic Analyzer)

If your decaying unit is frustrating you, you can swap your it with the worry-free, fully serviced units by paying a $1500 difference to enjoy all the upgrade and peace of mind.

NOTE: This (swap) deal does not apply to units with a genuinely failed Acq board (like analog signal path/cal/trigger problems) or I confirmed that it has a failed power supply unit.

Parts cost (they are taken from fully working units, so there’s sacrifice):

  • Corrected VP22 motherboard [$699]
    [Subtract $200] if you trade in a defective VP22 (4 PCI slots).
    [Subtract $300] if you trade in a working M-815G (3 PCI slots). Some old acq board cannot take this motherboard because it needs 4 PCI slots to use the old style interface card. They need to be replaced with a VP22 if you want to keep the GPIB.
  • Old style interface card [$699]:
    [Subtract $200] if you trade in your working GPIB combo card.
    Old style interfaces works across the board. The combo only works on the latest acq boards.

Labor/Repair cost (all service guaranteed for 2 years). No cost if not successful:

  • Front-end problem (cannot calibrate) [$599 for first channel + $199/channel]. Parts included.
  • Cannot power up [$199]. Parts NOT included. Not charged if no actual repairs were made.
  • Boot problems [$199]. Waived if parts were bought to solve it.
  • Oscilloscope program hangs / BSOD [$199]. Waived if parts were bought to solve it.
  • Replace motherboard [$199]. Parts NOT included.

Upgrade / service cost

  • Upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP Pro [$699 for full service]: SSD included. This covers the self-calibration. If your unit comes with after-purchase licenses, you can enter them to the firmware any time to enable them. Can ask Keysight to look it up for you.
  • Modernize the unit [$299, $149 when combined with any repair/service/parts above]: migrate hard drive to SSD, replace CD-ROM with DVD drive, replace FDD with LS-120 drive (if applicable).

The prices are negotiable if more than one part/service is needed in one trip.

Call me at 949-682-8145. I’m located in Irvine, CA. You’ll be responsible for all shipping costs for anything that’s not my fault.

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